This past week has left many in shock after pictures of former TPF star David Major was spotted looking shabby in the streets.

His former competitor, Alvana came through for him and rescued him but more to that, David has received so many messages of encouragement. Including from DJ Shiti who was once in the same situation.

The comedian-cum-actor has been through a lot in life especially when he moved to Nairobi for the first time. He lived in Koinange street after his relatives refused to accommodate him.

"When I was in the street, those who helped me were the girls in Koinange. I learned they do not do this because they want. After work, the used to give me 50 bob or 100 bob for tea. One of them later offered to host me in the house she lived with her brother." DJ Shiti said in a previous interview

Because of this experience, he shared some words of encouragement to David Major. Taking to social media he posted saying,

"My brother David it shall be we…mimi mwenyewe nilipitia street, nililala street koinange two months naelewa…Utasimama tena bro! Riziki mwenyezi mungu ndiye anapeana sio mwanadamu…Narudia tena sio mwanadamu!!! Haya yote ni mitihani ya maisha." He posted