A segment on The Morning Kiss today with Kamene and Jalas was dedicated to the other woman aka the clandes, aka side babes.

 I am sure you have heard this before, 'as a side know your place and maintain that position'.

Speaking to the KissFM listeners, Jalang'o was clear that as the other woman, she should never call or pick a phone call from the main. 


"How dare you. The audacity of taking a phone and call someone's wife. If the wife calls you as a side should never pick that phone. Do not be in communication with her in anyway because you are the intruder. But the audacity to pick and start arguing with someone's wife, eeh." He said

Adding that in the case you pick the call, then you need to be humble.

"Truth be told we will not lie here, there are men with extramarital status out here but there is no way you will pick the call as the other woman from his wife. And if you pick, weka sauti chini. You pick and confuse her by saying you do not know what she is talking about but in a very humbling voice. Or if you pick, you become customer service and say the number your trying to reach is no longer in service."

Kamene who concurred with everything Jalas said just put out one bold statement saying,

"Wife reign supreme."