Betty Kyallo has normalized being very open and candid with her fans. Her aim is to show that not all that glitters out here is gold.

Her other aim is so that society can stop being pressured to want to be like someone else, yet you do not know what they got through and that is what Betty wants to put out.

In a QnA segment on Instagram, she was ready to answer it all. One fan asked her if she ever felt intimidated when was in the media industry.

“Most times I always felt that I was not good enough especially the first years on TV. I was a colleague to people who were doing so great, Cynthia Nyamai, Beatrice Marshall and I always felt intimidated.” Betty opened up

Shrubbing for her was even an issue with her esteem.

“Sometimes I would go on air and shrub, feel like I did not do my research enough. Many times I would go home and feel like I should have done better. It used to be really hard and many times I would question whether I should be in this career, but somehow it happened,” She continues.

But will all this, she does not regret anything. She is glad she went through that phase because that moulded her to be who she is.

You can watch the whole QnA session on her YouTube channel: