Kamene and Jalas
Kamene and Jalas
Image: Instagram

The current National Identification Cards (ID) will cease being in operation by December 12, 2021, the government has said. The Star reports.

ICT CS Joe Mucheru said that the IDs will be replaced by Huduma Namba cards.

As Jalas and Kamene were analyzing the benefits of Huduma number, the two found out some of the stuff you won't be able to do without the card.

"One, you will not marry without huduma number, you will not buy or sell without Huduma number, you will get 5 years in prison if you are found transacting without it and even worse your citizenship depends on it," The duo said.

When Kamene revealed that she never got to register for her card, Jalas was never gonna take it easy on her.

"I want to recommend jailing or whipping. You remember they said the second mass registrations is coming and when it checks in, I beg you and beseech you my sister wake up and go and get registered." Said Jalang'o.

He added,

I will not take you I want you to be a responsible citizen who can wake up, go and registered for a government service."

Defending herself, Kamene said:

First of all, I want to go on the record and say I did not refuse to get a huduma number. If they are going into wave number 2 of mass registrations, maybe one recommendation, can they make the registration less tedious?'

Jalang'o reminded Kenyans that 'Huduma number is not just a card but a card for the future. There are people with fake documents so they should come with them so we can issue the right ones.'

Despite all the efforts from Jalas, Menje still had one more request;

Si mfanye tu vile mlifanya na census, mkuje kwetu, I like that idea. (Laughs)