The year is 2020 and Kenyan men are tired of being dragged in the mud for not having money.

The tables have turned and men have decided enough is enough and they are no longer dating broke women! I mean, bring yours, I bring mine and we prosper together.

This message is sponsored by Jalas who said he cannot imagine working hard to date a broke woman.

He said,

"If women saw that money is important in a relationship then come with yours. You can’t purport that money is important but don’t have yours, all you do is squander everything he has.

Even men nowadays look for women with money and if she doesn't have she must look like she can manage yours."

Jalas says he doesn't like the thought of a woman who would want you to treat them for dinner then expect you to buy her a dress, make her nails and hair for the very same dinner.

Challenge me with other stuff Jaber, for example there is a land in Kitengela, let us go buy it!" Jalang'o said.

He added,

Even if I have to support you, there must be things that you must be able to support yourself with. Don’t come into a relationship with orphanage tendencies."

However, Menje thinks, 'money is not a priority because I expect so much of myself. Bro if I have and you don’t, you don’t have what I have.'

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans;

Otieno from Diani says:

Today I want to agree with Jalas, we don’t want you to come with millions, come with business ideas, huwezi kuingia kwa relationship na shanga kwa kiuno na iPhone!

Warui supported Otieno saying;

'We are no longer dating broke ladies again! You know ladies have made relationships look like a investment programs na tumeumia, nimewachwa mara nyingi juu sina pesa. Wacha iwe vile itakuwa!