Njugush body transformation
Njugush body transformation
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Eric Omondi's new body transformation has got many tongues wagging about how he has worked on himself.

Ladies have already started putting their relationships on the line for a piece of the award winning comedian who proved that wakonde society can also gain mass and muscles.


Forget Eric, his fellow comedian, Njugush is seriously fed up with those skinny body jokes.

The chap has been hitting the gym hard, and the results are slowly showing up.

Njugush has also had a total body transformation, and even though he is far from getting where Eric is, he sure has made a tremendous progress.

40 days since he and his wife, Wakavinye started hitting the gym, Njugush has never showed us peace, flexing his guns at every given opportunity.

Today we take a look at Njugush's body transformation, starting from where he came from to where he is at now.