Jalang'o and wife, Amina Chao
Jalang'o and wife, Amina Chao
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Jalang'o made it to the Dean's list at Daystar University as he graduated last week.

This was one of the most special days for him. As he spoke at his surprise graduation party, he said this is one of the steps to break generational curses. Curses said he will never make it or that he will never go school. He is now a degree wiser.

His wife, Amina Chao organized a party for him with only their close friends and family present. She is a lady who is rarely seen in the public eye. But this time she made it to a podium and she had a few sweet words for her husband.

"I intentionally chose to celebrate this graduation because it was not just for him but for me and for us. So many people have actually waited for this day. When my husband joined Daystar, I was proud of him but at the back of my mind, I always used to wonder how this will pan out because he has so much going on. So he is not just Jalang'o, he is a very intelligent Jalang'o.  This degree starts so much for me and for him and for the family.

Even from his upbringing, it starts with a lot of determination and zeal to achieve. So for me, it is not even the academic part of it but it embodies so much." Amina said

Concluding the speech she appreciated Jalang'o for making her a better woman.

"I am just here to tell you I am so proud of you and I am here to support you. By the wat he is going back for his masters. You challenge me and you make me  a better woman I would not have let this day pass."

The party saw Jalang'os mother, his brother and his in-laws attend to celebrate this grate milestone. In his speech he thanked each and everyone in a personal way and announced he is already doing his masters.