We all have those IG followers who are always on the move, 'eating life' with a huge spoon. They are always on he beach, road trips or even in posh restaurants just having fun and are ever alone!

Newsflash, most of the times, the one behind the camera is the financier and one who doesn’t get to see the light of Instagram.

Speaking about such habits by women, Kamene narrated how she busted one chic who was living the life in coasto with a mzee.

“Nimeona dem mrembo amepost vile ako coasto, tukaingia the following day, tukapatana club na gyaldem amejificha kwa corner juu ako na guka.” Kamene said.

This act bothered Jalas and he was like, dude, if I pay for your trips at least have the courtesy of tagging me even as your photographer.

“Nimelipa mpaka pesa ya holiday tumeenda hadi Nanyuki na siko hata kwa one single photo. Why are you in the beach alone and I'm with you?” Jalang’o asked.

He added,

It hurts for me to pay tickets, book holidays but miss out on everything. At lest credit me below the photo as the financier, unanificha kwani mimi ni bhangi?

I’m not even talking about ancestors but even as a young guy why? Two reasons why are hiding me; One, you are either hiding me ‘cause I’m old, I’m married or you are not proud of me being in your photos.”

Sharing her experience with her mans, Kamene says she once ‘dated a guy who insisted I could not post a picture of him and even as an MCM. He said our relationship was private. He always introduced me as his friend.

Laughing at her predicament, Jalas believes that if he or she introduces you to other people as friends that Is a mkora.

I never used to post my wife’s photos until during ruracio, many were shocked and don’t know if we have kids. I had to tell her she is beautiful and that I should show her off to the world." Jalas said.