A wise man once said, receptionists, taxi drivers and security guards know the most secrets.

This is because these are the professionals who get to see, experience and hear literally everything that goes on in their line of duty.

Today, many Kenyan taxi drivers shocked Kamene and Jalas when they shared some of the things they witness in their line of duty.

Narrating her experience, Kamene narrated how she was left shocked after a taxi driver revealed to her what kind of a man, her former boyfriend was.

"I had gone to see a guy I was dating it didn't last long because we had argued and I requested a taxi at Kilimani.

So my cab arrived and I slammed his door on the way to my cab. So the cab guy asked whether I was OK and I said I was fine, but he was like ‘No kamum you don’t look ok.’ So I started crying and shouting and ranted about him.

So he was like ‘usijali kamum, huyu msee nimeleta madem wengi and ume avoid drama.’ narrated Kamene.

Check out some of their stories

 Taxi 1: There is a senior governor’s daughter who chipo's like six men in a weekend, she asks me to drop her and ask me to wait at the gate, and if I wait for 2 hours she pays me six G's. Man I am afraid of dating Nairobi women because the things I have seen!

Taxi driver 2: Mimi mwenyewe nafanyanga part time na nishawahi experience similar situations. Kwa phone books, nina celebs one MP, one media personality, wenye nime drop ndege kwao. Unapata ndege anachezea most of these guys.

Story ya loyalty na slay queens ni tricky. Unapata trip ni 500 but celeb anakupea 5k ku seal hiyo story usiwahi taja story yake. Unapata huyo dem ana number yako so she calls you to pick her up and drop her at this other guy’s place but eventually pays you well.

Taxi driver 3: There is this chic who I pick for two different sponsors. One lives in doni another one in Ngong hills. There is one who is heavily loaded and I lie to him that I pick her from Rongai and I end up making 3k per trip.

Taxi driver 4: It was during the pandemic, I pick this lady and kufika tao she says she wants to meet her boyfrend kumbe tunachukua customer wake and they start making out at the back seat, I feel embarrassed and pull up. They do their thing and afterwards I dropped her at her parents house where she lied to her parents that I am her friend.

Taxi driver 5: There was this woman who I was ferrying from club then all of a sudden she decided to undress and asked me “can I pay you like this?.”