In this day and age, the story is that men are out here living their best lives. You have heard the phrase, 'Ogopa Nairobi'.

Kamene and Jalas also agree that there are so many men stepping out of their marriages and more to that, they have children outside their marriage. Could be with one other woman or more. It just depends on his capability.

Advising men, Kamene said,

"In this current situation we are living in, anything can happen. You men who are out here multiplying and filling the earth, father Abrahams, tell at least one person in your family someone your close with that you have another family. 'I have a gachungua somewhere on Thika Road and she has two of my children, kaanga tu ukijua'. "

Adding that it is for nothing else but to avoid drama.

"This is to just avoid drama. So if you're a father Abraham please tell your relative about this so that in case something happens to you, the other family will know they are sorted because he had informed one family member."

Agreeing with Kamene, Jalas event painted a scenario of how the man will tell his close relative. Listen to it below: