millicent omanga
millicent omanga
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If you are looking for a cool politician who ticks the 'cool' and 'performing' boxes, Senator Omanga is your lady.

The legislator knows how to unwind after a busy day serving her constituents, and it is through dancing and participating in social media challenges.

A few months ago, she made lockdown a bit less stressing for many when she shared her 'Don't rush' challenge.

This time round, though a bit late, the booty-licious nominated senator, shared a video of herself participating in the viral  #JohnVuliGateChallenge.

The challenge was popularized by a group of South African hotties who were dancing at a fuel station.

Soon as the video spread like wild fire, every woman with a sizeable behind jumped into the trend. 

Check out Omanga's challenge and let us know whether she killed it or nah;