Jacque Maribe has been through so much drama when it comes to the men in her life. At least the ones we know of.

She dated Eric Omondi and got a child with him then she got engaged to Joseph Jowie Irungu who turned out to be a murder suspect in the death of Monica Kimani. This case also got her in trouble as she was also a suspect and she spent some time in prison.

All this she regrets because not only was it a whole rollercoaster, she also lost a lot including her career. A career that she put so much work in.


Speaking to  Carole Mandi in an exclusive interview with True Love Magazine, she revealed that she is single and not searching.

Jacque Maribe also clarified that she was not getting back with her baby daddy Eric Omondi.

…that ship sailed. we will keep our friendship. He [Eric] doesn’t believe it though. A few days ago he made a joke and said 'you know you’re single and I am single, we’re meant to be single so that one day we’ll be one'. and I was like ''yoh bro, no, that ship sailed' ." She shared

Being in a relationship with Eric she feels was a mess up.

"I keep telling him we kinda messed up, crossing the friendship line. We were very good friends from the beginning and I don’t know why we thought, this could work but then if we were able to collect ourselves again and become friends, I don’t think I would ever cross that line." Jacque told Carole

A few weeks after her release, they(Eric, Jacque and their son) went on holiday and they looked a bit closer than friends but I guess that's what co-parenting looks like. Seems to be the same case for Diamond and Zari.