Tanasha Donna and Castro have been making headlines after fans realized they are no longer working together. He was her manager until Jamal Gaddafi took over.

Then she introduced another  guy Ciza Obare as her new manager. Of course that raises so many questions that need answers. Okay maybe we are too entitled but hey, we want the gist.

During an Instagram live with her fans, she said the rumors going round weren’t true. Talking about Jamal and Castro, who’ve been managing her, she said,


"He’s still part of my team and we work together. We have so many upcoming projects so those are lies. I want to clarify that we even met yesterday and spoke about it. Everyone these days is just making assumptions. People believe what they see out there without having concrete proof about what the reality of the situation is."

Adding that the management relationship between them wasn't working.

"We came to a conclusion and it was a mutual understanding between us two. He was not really fit to manage me, something he acknowledged himself. So it was not me just coming out here and bad-mouthing him 'oh he wasn’t fit to manage me.' This is something he recognized himself and he said he’s more into business development." Tanasha explained.

Tanasha then said it ended in an amicable way.

"There were some communication problems between us here and there not like any of us was bad just weren’t fit or suitable to work together. we have no bad blood, we left everything in a very amicable way."