Anerlisa Muigai has worked so hard to get her sexy back. She has that body we all wish we could have.

Taking to social media, she has revealed that her worst fear is how she will look after giving birth. You know, post-baby fat.

"My biggest fear is after giving birth will I go back to this? daah the way I have seen people blow up, I am even scared." She posted.

The babe got married to Ben Pol a few months ago and it seems like the pressure to get a baby has started creeping up. After a couple say, 'I do' the next thing their family wants is children. 



This could be Anerlisa's fear because well, she has really struggled to get back in shape. With a lot of work out and dieting using her program, she has managed to get the hourglass shape.

We have seen so many stories of celebrities who have struggled to lose baby fat especially when they suffer postpartum depression.

But worry not Anerlisa, you can always work something out. Give Ben Pol another child and get you an heiress for your thriving business.