Isihaka Mtoro, Queen and Darleen and daughter
Isihaka Mtoro, Queen and Darleen and daughter
Image: Wasafi

By now you know Muslims celebrate the 40th day of a child after their born day.

We have seen a lot of this celebration in the Dangote's household. Diamond has made it a huge part for all his children. He has four thus far.

Yesterday, it was not for his child but his sister, Queen Darleen's daughter, Balqis.

As usual, they either do it big or do it big. In that home, there is no compromise. An all-white affair for the family members had the ladies looking lovely and the men dapper.

Queen Darleen and her husband, Tanzanian tycoon Isihaka Mtoro, were so happy the glow was all over their face. 

Here are pictures of how it all went down courtesy of Wasafi Tv: