Chiki is a very private babe when it comes to her family. We have seen her father maybe twice.

In as much she is private, she was raised well. By amazing parents who always filled her with positive lessons.

Taking to social media, she listed the three biggest lessons her mother taught her when it comes to her fellow women.

"I want to change the narrative that women can't work together. Or to challenge my sisters who say 'I don't do female friends'. The woman above is my hero, my mother. She has taught me everything. She raised me, whilst going to university and then later becoming a lawyer. "

She reminds her every day of the following,

"1.) Women don't have to listen to the limitations society puts on them. They can be smart, they can be sexy, they can work and they can play. None of that is even a conversation. However, the question is, did you CHOSE your path, and are you doing it for YOU. If so, party on.

2.) Sensuality is something to harness and celebrate, not to fear. We still live in a world where OUR sensuality is feared and therefore controlled and limited. Its up to each person to within decide how to celebrate themselves, and again CHOSE to walk that path

3.) Finally women can be your GREATEST allies. All the best work I've done has been with female leadership. That's because my life started with the best female leader I know."

Chiki then advised her fellow ladies saying.

"Ladies, know that we aren't in competition with each other. We are in competition with an ideology that says we can't be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we want to be."

Meet Chiki's mum: