On Monday, Eric Omondi continued to attract headlines when he came forth stating that he was seriously looking for a wife.

The self proclaimed president of comedy in Africa said God had blessed him with everything he ever wanted but he was ready to find a suitable woman whom he would marry and enjoy all those blessings with.

Jalang’o was surprised that most of the women who came forward seeking Eric’s hand in marriage, mentioned cooking and cleaning as part of what they are bringing to the table.

He believes that as a woman you should have many other attributes that will compliment your hubby.

All the women who came said they want to be his wife because they can clean and cook. Cooking and cleaning should not be on top of your CV!” Jalas advised these women.


Kamene thinks that men are to blame for all these because every man always insists on wanting a lady who can cook and clean. She however went ahead and assured us that definitely that is not what she is bringing to the table.

“Cooking and cleaning is not what I am bringing to the table.” She said.


We shouldn't be surprised that that is what many women said because apart from having a good job men still would want a woman who can feed them and clean the house.

For me your number one dedication is make sure he achieves his dreams.”

This led to a very interesting conversation with callers giving their own version of a wife material.


According to Kijana wa mmu, ‘the level of madness is only thing women will add into a man’s life.


Dorothy believes that a woman’s ‘dignity and respect will elevate you in the society and that a good wife will remain true to you even after you leave her for 5 years.’

“A good wife is a woman who can support you at your lowest point in life.” Said David Owuor:


“First of all you have to be responsible, have goals and support your hubby to achieve those goals and be a responsible mother. Cooking and cleaning is something that is supposed to be there.” Said one lady.


The icing on the cake was when one brilliant lady asked Kamene and Jalas and all Kenyans to quit focusing on whether women are wife material and instead ask whether some men can be considered husband material.


I am tired of women having all these standards and reputations, first he has to be husband material..gone are days that chores defined women! She said.