Can we even? Risper Faith is looking all so gorgeous after her liposuction procedure.

It has been months since she finally decided to go through with the surgery in as much as her husband, Brian, was also 50/50 about it all but he finally gave in to pressure.

Risper says she had tried almost everything to lose weight, but nothing worked for her. She started gaining weight after the birth of her son and since she wanted to breastfeed him up until he turned 2, she wasn't going under the knife or diet.

Her new body is goals, but please before you think about having this procedure, do you have the money? Because her man does, plenty of it.

Risper posted pictures of her new body and she revealed she is starting to feel more like herself.

One of the major reasons she decided to have this procedure is because she did not feel sexy. To a point she was afraid of making love to her husband.

You can read all about it below:

Here are pictures of her new look in gorgeous clothes, courtesy of Neomi Nganga and well done make up and hair.