'Kwenda' by Khaligraph Jones featuring so many huge Kenyan acts just hit one million views on YouTube.

Khali starts by calling out those people who say they do not listen to Kenyan music and those who say they do not recognize him. One word for all those haters, KWENDA! Not from me but from Papa himself.

The song has featured big names in the entertainment industry. The likes of Betty Kyallo (now we know why they were together last week), Willis Raburu, Nameless, Marek (Sauti Sol's former manager), Lamaz Span K.O.B, Otile Brown, Nyashinksi, Sauti Sol and so many others.


This was him trying to show that he is not fighting this alone. With all these other artistes, the struggle is the same.

Savara who was part of them took to social media a post of the BTS during the making of the video and said he was only but doing him a favor.

"I had to do this average rapper @khaligraph_jones a favor for this silly song to hit the streets. He really insisted 🙄🙄🙄. Yani hadi alikuja mpaka mtaani na mbogi yote. He is really lucky I was idle that day. But at least nimemuinua. Ameacha kuwa upcoming."

People really like to come for Khaligraph. Manz is just busy being a good father then boom!