Maureen Kunga, Elani Band member has joined Patricia Kihoro in revealing that she once lost herself.

The year has been tough on so many people and Maureen is among them. She opened up on social media saying there was a point she lost so much of who she was.

"In love with these pictures! Funny story, I feel like I'd lost myself a bit in the first few months of this year. Everything turned on its head, and with pandemics and shutdowns and all the confusion, I lost so much of who I was as a woman, as an artist, as a badass boss, as a friend...I forgot myself! This photoshoot was the first of many because it really brought me back into a part of myself that I LOVE and I need to nurture! So, here's to finding ourselves again, and putting ourselves back together!" Maureen said.

Just before the pandemic, she has a private wedding ceremony after keeping her relationship a secret for quite some time.



As mentioned earlier, Patrica Kihoro also said she misses the old her. A girl who lived a free life with little to no stress weighing her down. Read her story below: