The past few months of 2020 has seen many male celebrities embrace the fitness journey. 

Njugush, Nyashinski, Eric Omondi and today Jalas has told us he is on day three. Bernard Ndong has also been at it for a while and the results are evident, have you seen his guns? Daymn.

Taking to social media, Bernard posted a video doing front squats and he said it freaks him out. Actually, he gets anxious.


"Squats freak me out...specifically front squats. I injured my right knee many years ago while playing sports in University. My knee recovered somewhat, but there’s some lingering tightness. When it’s leg day, I’m usually anxious. I’d dread going under the bar.

Nowadays, I’ve changed my mindset and trusted good form, my instructor and I also try to listen to my body to avoid the risk of injury. I’m seeing steady progress."

Fitness is not easy, sometimes one can go too hard but as Bernard said, listen to your body.