james ng'ang'a
james ng'ang'a

Controversial pastor Ng'ang'a is a meme that keeps on meme-ing.

In fact, I feel like he has overtaken His Excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta in the meme marker of the year category.

Every week, we are blessed with new videos from his sermons which are usually televised.

This time a new video has emerged of him bashing a congregant for asking him to assist with her with rent money.

Speaking to his congregation, an angry Ng'ang'a says "Nyumba lipwa na government, usinipigie simu nikulipie nyumba. Wewe nilipie mimi, mimi ndio kuhani, wewe sio kuhani."

He adds,

Eti huna chakula ya watoto, nilizaa na wewe? "

Watch the video below;