Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro

Today for the first time Kamene Goro spoke about her first love, saying that he is the first and the only man he has genuinely loved.

Kamene who went to a mixed school says one guy, Dennis Ngirici drove her crazy with his great physique, how organized he was as well as his looks.

Dennis Ngiciri was the finest man I have ever seen in my life. He used to play basketball and was really smart.

He had a solid 8-pack not 6, I liked him from the start and we were good friends. He went to UK and we fell in love for real but we were never really together. Even when I was in TZ he used to call me when things weren’t good and say I love you.” Narrated Kamene.


An emotional Kamene revealed that Dennis passed on a few years ago at his parents house but she did not want to reveal the details.

He is no longer with us and I actually talked with him the day before he passed. We knew we were always gonna get married. There is no one I have ever loved more than Dennis Ngiciri.” She said.

Speaking of first loves, Jalas narrated how he was head over heels in love with one Susan.


He says their secondary schools were 200 kilometers apart and it would take you 3 hours to get to her school, Nyabisawa girls high school.

This girl drove Jalas crazy to a point she made him spend his school fees money on her.

During opening days I would report the same day as her. So she used to stay in Nairobi and she would come to visit her auntie in the village who was our neighbor before opening school.

My dad couldn’t afford the full school fees but I would use the money to take her to the town center and treat her to some chips and soda. We don’t talk anymore I respect her she is married. “ Narrated Jalang’o.

Can you guys remember your first love? How were they like? Are you guys still in touch? Talk to us.