Sheila Mwanyigha is probably most if not all men's fantasy. But with all those men, she is still single and is in no hurry.

Speaking to Churchill on The Journey Edition, he addressed the elephant in the room and asked her when she is getting married. A question everybody has.

"I hope so. Kamala Harris, at 50 years is when things started happening, mnaniharakisha kwa nini… wacheni kuharakisha watu, naweza kukuwa vice President alafu mnataka kunifanya niendee Diaper." Sheila responded

Adding that,


"Marriage is a partnership…you find someone who you walk through life with not just anyone".

She further stated that nowadays it's even harder to get someone to settle down with especially for people like her who are celebrities.

“They see you and they assume they know you, they assume this is the person that you are and really you are just a simple person, so inakuwa complicated”.

Sheila Mwanyigha is very close to her mother, you would mistake them for siblings. But luckily for Sheila, her mother has not given her pressure to have a family.

“For her she understood that motherhood is choice and she said you are now part of a generation where you can live your life, do the thing you want, sidhani nitakupatia pressure ya bringing me a husband. You live, do the things that make sense to you" Sheila told Churchill

But that does not mean she wants to have a family. She listed qualities she looks for in a man.

"Kind, intelligent, someone who likes to walk and run in the forest, someone who loves God, someone who cherishes family and someone who is not threatened by her career and fame"

But like Kambua always says, do not give people the pressure to have a family you just do not know what is going on in their lives. Just let people especially celebrities be them.