Slay queens, you have upset madam boss, Akothee.

She held a huge party for her daughter Vesha who just graduated and in attendance were a couple of celebrities and of course friends and family.

Of course on such occasions, you will always have guests coming with plus ones. Now those plus ones were the ones who got Akothee mad.

She took to social media with a whole rant saying these bunch of girls were just there to post things on social media and not celebrate Vesha's huge step.

"Then there were this bunch of girls who occupied seats in a corner with their phones since they walked into the party, they could just take selfies, short update their status and go back to chatting, on their phones I was so embarrassed on their behalf." She started

Adding that it was not their time to shine shamelessly. She even mentioned that the people -celebrities- you would expect to slay were physically there to support Vesha.

"They only lifted their heads when people were laughing or heard a celebrity walking in, then they shoot their content then they update that they are also in Kempinski 不不不. Then they put their heads down again, as crazy as the MCs were @drofweneke @jessythemc 不不不, these girls were lost in their zone. I wonder what their purpose was in such a beautiful moment 丹when even celebrities themselves were well composed and attentive. Nowadays fans are aggressive than celebrities in events 不不不. And they were feeling soo sweet, you would think they are celebrities 不不不不 丹丹丹丹Sijataja mutu ,na hata nikitaja, next time if you are invited to a function and you come to slay, please look for a place in a corner where no one sees you 丹Wakisikia wapi nduru ya @bahatikenya Wanainua kichwa ,wanarudi. Wakisikia Karibu sana @lilmuli wanainua kichwa wanapiga Lilian Muli picha wanarudisha kichwa pale 丹丹, @drofweneke akianguka chini ,wanainua kichwa when the laughter is fading,wanarudi pale 不丹. Trust me I felt like throwing them outside,but I had no idea whose guest they were. They were definitely not on my guests list 不, But I guess by extension. Thank you for coming,but next time, please 儭儭儭不不."

Clearly Akothee was not please and we all know when something does not make her happy, she will address in openly. So dear slay queens, learn from madam boss' rant.