Bahati and Diana Marua have been in the headlines after they decided to go the extra mile with a PR stunt  before releasing their song, 'Mtaachana Tuu'.

This time the clout worked against them more than ever before and even worse, the haters were not happy about it at all and did not hide it.

The trolls are very bad.

For the first time in three years, they granted an interview to Willis Raburu on 10over10 where they had a lot to say.



With all the trolling going on, Willis asked Diana how she deals with haters coming at her, her husband and children.

"To be honest there is nothing to deal with. They will always come at you. And really you do not know these people and they do not know you and your life. You just see those comments and move on because not everyone will love you.

Sometimes you look at someone's comment and you look at their profile and you are like it is not worth my peace." Diana said

But the big question really is why do they thrive so much in clout chasing aka, kiki.

"Kiki just finds us. But will this one, we did because it has been our life for the last 5 years where people keep saying tutuaachana on my family, life and marriage. When I gave her a car they said tutaachana tu.  We said let us see if we pretend we have left each other to see who really support the Bahati's and to those loyal ones, we apologize, we are very sorry for that.


But to those others, even bloggers, get a life. You are upset that we have not separated? It was one tough week, we did not see each other to a point we even started wondering kwani have we really achaanad?"

He then added that,


"The biggest lesson out of this was, you're decisions you make and the way you feel pamoja is more important than what people feel. It is not about the public, it is all about you."