Maureen Waititu has really managed to keep a low profile after all the drama she went through this year. I guess she wants 2020 to end in peace.

Talking to social media she posted pictures of her back on the day when she just started the hustle to fame.

Can we just acknowledge, Ms. Waititu has always been gorgeous since then? Her body has always been peng while her face has always had that young look.

In the photos, Maureen let us in to the days her life was simple and lived carefree.


"To one of my first runway gigs with Samantha bridal. Reflecting back, I was carefree, focused and honestly, life was so simple. The only thing I used to worry about the most was my grades in law school. Fast forward, I am grateful for all the things that have taken place in my life, the good, the bad and most importantly, I look forward to the journey ahead of me and the woman I am becoming and to fulfill the purpose that God put me here on earth for 🙏🏾."

In as much as alot has been going on in Maureen's life, she has still managed to bag big endorsement deals and be the best mother she can be to her two sons.

Plus she still puts a brave face out there. It is not easy but hey...