Kenyan celebrity couples are really trying to prove to their fans that their love will never die. 

Bahati and Diana Marua have really tried to make it obvious and yesterday Anerlisa also made it very clear she will never be separated from Ben Pol. No matter what!

Taking to social media, she took videos of her getting ready for their date night saying for them, every day is a date night. Then she captioned another video saying,


"With my best friend Ben Pol. One thing though you can be sure about is that only death will separate us. Upuzi hamna tena"

Anerlisa and Ben Pol
Anerlisa and Ben Pol
Image: Instagram

There have been a lot of rumors about Anerlisa and Ben having gone their separate ways, especially when she came home (Kenya) and he was left in Tanzania.

But clearly, there was a motive. It was all strategic for the release of Ben's song, 'Walimwengu' where he featured his wife.

Seems like this is the new normal when it comes to the music scene.

There have been rumors that Anerlisa is pregnant for Ben Pol though she shared a photo saying she is afraid of gaining so much weight if she ever becomes pregnant. She is afraid it will be difficult to lose the baby weight because she has seen and heard people struggle. Read the full story below: