Betty Kyallo is one of the best dressed female celebrities.

She knows how to dress for every occasion and she kills it. Remember when she took us round her shoe collection? It was worth millions fam. 

If you also follow her, she can change outfits like three times a day. Basically what we call living the best life.

It was not always like that for Betty and we have heard her talk about it in a couple of interviews. She struggled to get her way up and now she is a boss. 



From quitting her job to become a full-time entrepreneur, she is thriving not only as a businesswoman but also an amazing mother, sister and daughter.

Taking to social media she shared a TBT picture of herself showing how she looked before the fame and money.

"Before the world did its thing😅didn’t have money😂❤️ twenni twenni we came to ?....."

The lesson of the day, be patient and work hard, the best is waiting for you out here.