It is without a doubt that Chantelle Petit was at one point sure she was in hell and now, she is living in heaven on earth.

Her daughter, Summer came into the world when so much was happening. More than two years ago, Chantelle was dumped by her baby daddy, Ephy Saint. According to her, he was not up to being a father.

Later when she was giving birth, she got so many complications which also affected her daughter's health as well. She went through so much from hospital bills, to a lot of physical pain, emotional torture and a public war with Ephy.

In a few week's time, Summer will be turning 2 and Chantelle could not be happier. She took to social media a post promising her daughter the best life through it all.

"I can’t believe this one is going to be 2 in 3 weeks 😭😭😭😭I’ve raised, fed, cuddled, comforted & nurtured a whole human being for two whole years. Wow. The best part is I’m more motivated now than I’ve ever been to create the life I envision for us. Every day I work extra hard just so we can enjoy the fruits of my labour in the near future. My YouTube channel, Instagram, Content Creation, @bernellbakery & all the other things I do are for her, her future & comfort. Let me go cry now because she’s so grown already 😭😍🥰"

We have heard it from so many mothers, including our own, parenting is not easy especially as a single one. So Chantelle we applaud you.