Remember a few weeks ago, a man dropped off an envelope with a love letter to Kamene Goro. The letter was 100 pages and it is not what we expected.

A love letter should be a declaration of love and a lot of sweet words but this one was full of judgment. Explaining to Jalang'o on the Morning Kiss, she said all the man did was lecture her.

"Let me tell you that 100-page love letter was not really a love letter. Nilikua tu nasomewa. Let me tell you in a  nutshell what was in there. First of all nilikua tu nasomewa. He complained to me about Andrew Kibe, Maina Kageni and you Jalas. He said we are Illuminati and he has seen how we hold hands those are Illuminati signs. He even mentioned instances in the show where umenifanyia sijui nini. " Kamene said

Adding that she could not go past page 32.

"I only got to page 32 of that letter and I was like I am not going on, please. He even warned me saying 'just keep looking at Jalas with last' and I was like last?  He even said I get excited when Maina Kageni kisses me and I am like when did Maina kiss me? 

He said I have demons. He has counted for me and I have 66 demons. He even said he is ashamed the holy spirit led him to me to be his wife. And I was like leave me basi."

Despite all that, the man said he will still take Kamene to be his happily ever after.

"But he said he will take me with my adulterous filthy self and make me his wife. Foe me to stop wearing trousers and stilettos because they are from the devil."

Manz so dramatic right? I mean demons?Wow.