Nikita Kering is a young, talented and very focused girl.

After she made a breakthrough with the song, 'Happy Without You', she decided there is no turning back.

The award-winning Kenyan songwriter and power vocalist is back with the 3rd Single, and as the title suggests it’s simply 'Better Than Ever'.


“The song is purely an illustration based on a figment of my imagination. It is all part of a love and heartbreak story that began with Never Let You Go and Where You Been. Because you lost someone you loved but found yourself in the process .” Nikita proclaims

She continues to say that the song is about leaving that dark place or relationship once you realize that it doesn’t work anymore. It is bittersweet.

Just like her biggest influences, Billie Eillish, Beyonce and Rema, Nikita isn’t slowing down, blessing our souls with exceptional lyrics that only her heavenly sent vocals can deliver.

“2020 has been a crazy year, but also one that has been very beneficial for my growth. Better Than Ever EP, was supposed to be out last month, however due to some personal circumstances, I didn’t give my fans what they had anticipated." Nikita shared

She continues to say that she has learned so much through the quarantine period about herself, life and so much more. So we should expect nothing but good things from Nikita.