British-Nigerian singer-songwriter UK Lukman Odunaike, popularly known as Not3s was set to perform in Kenya on 12th December at the Sounds from Africa festival.

He had a whole plan to tour Kenya before bringing the house down and when he announced this on Twitter, people came at him asking who he is. He did not take it personally, he decided to make fun out of it and he now knows Kiswahili. His tweets these days always have some Swahili or sheng.

When Kenyans just got accustomed to  him, manz then drops an announcement saying he will not be coming to Kenya,


"Sorry Nairobi but Shows canceled I can't come there. The promoters couldn't sort it so there's nothing that can be donee is what it is though. mpaka wakati ujao." Not3s took to Twitter

Telehmani who is also an event promoter is scheduled to bring Alternate Sound to Kenya on the same day, the 12th of December. We hope that one turns out okay.

There has been so much drama when it comes to events this year. 2020 really needs to end and we start afresh, learning to live the new normal.