Kamene and sister
Kamene and sister
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro and her small sister have so much love for each other and Kamene is never afraid to express it.

Today is a special day for her sister as she turns 20. Taking to social media, she posted the sweetest message you will see on her page.

When was the last time someone referred to you as their whole world?

"My whole world in one person, 20 years ago today you changed my whole life!! You taught me, unconditional love, all I do is for you! I love you all the way to infinity and back, I am blessed to have you as my sister. Happy Birthday Sister!!!! I love you!"

Kamene first introduced her sister to the world a few months ago when quarantine was out day to day life. She lightened up the mood of a couple of men who were there to thirst.

Including Shaffie Weru who calls her his wife to be.

Kamene has never been up for the joke. She once angrily called him out and this made the men excited thinking they have a chance.

But clearly, you have to pass through Kamene to get to her sister. Sadly we do not know her name as she has never been tagged in any of the pictures.