Kamene and Jalas in the Morning Kiss are just always good lives.

Today Kamene was so excited to tell her fans that she cooked yesterday night. It was like news.

"Yesterday I got home and organized the house after Rosy(her house manager) came through. I went shopping came home to organize what I bought so then I thought what should I do? I tried watching TV then I was like no. So I decided to cook. 

What shocked me is I was telling a couple of my people I am at home chilling and I am even cooking. 'Kamene you cook?" They were so surprised. Now the problem was it was so amazing I didn't even eat it because I am full of that smell."

Jalang'o was not going to let it pass by that Kamene cooking was such a big deal.

"Let me tell you something, number one you're not wife material. Because when you cook the whole country need to know Kamene cooked and even those you were talking to were surprised. So you cook?"

Kamene responded by saying,

"Of course, I do. How do you think this body is maintained?"

Jalas laughed nad told her,

"So then start telling people you cook and clean and all those other wife material things. "

For Jalas, this is something that is done by women every day, so cooking was not a big deal as Kamene made it seem. 

But remember the conversation they had on wife material the other day? Cooking does not necessarily mean you are wife material. What else do you bring to the table?