Ladies, gather around, Chito has some words of wisdom for you on The Morning Kiss.

It has become a norm that these days, all women do is take from their men.

"Men are not poverty eradication plans for lazy women. This is something I have seen all round, You expect your boyfriend to do everything when it comes to money.


Mara Mombasa, mara trip to south Africa mara iPhone mara party life. My question is, what are you doing for yourself? 

One of the beautiful things I love about this whole miss independent era is that she will do things for herself. She is a girl who knows her thing not waiting to be given by a man. " Chito said

Adding that it's all about what you bring to the table.


"But what happened to these women. All I see these days is babe buy for me babe do this for me. It can not always be like that, what are you bringing to the table.

I am all about a holistic woman and a holistic man coming together to create the best."

Throughout this conversation, men were in full support of Chito's school of thought. Women were very mum this time round.