The Muraya's are really working hard to make sure their family is living their best life.

They have both come from humble homes and their goal is to have their children get nothing but the best and to make their parent's life better.

DJ Mo may be trending for all the wrong reasons but he is making sure he is also the topic of discussion in his parent's home. It has not been easy for him but now he can testify and say, God, is working his miracles.


Taking to social media, Size 8 showed us round the bid mansion MO is building for his parents. She posted with a disclaimer saying, it is not for show off but encouragement.

"This is not to make you feel bad about yourself but to encourage you that God does wonders. I met @djmokenya 8 years ago and at that time his parents were separated and had not seen his dad eye to eye for years!!! Now fast forward see what God can do a beautiful home almost done for His parents who reconciled back together by God's grace after years of separation. @djmokenya God bless you for this . Never give up on God 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 a supernatural God of miracles!!!! Am in tears yani God wetu ni msoo sana 😭😭😭😭😭😭 turning everything VICE VERSA!!! The name of Jesus is tooo powerful!!! By faith Use it!! A God of reconciliation A God of new BEGINNINGS A God of permanence!!!!" Size 8 shared.

Here is a video of the almost done house: