Harmonize has joined the many artistes who earn more than a million for a stage performance.

Over the weekend, the musician behind the popular song 'Jerusalema'  Master KG, was in Dar Es Salaam for a concert. Harmonize made a surprise appearance and that is when he revealed how much he is usually paid for a stage performance.

"Let me tell you, whenever you see Harmonize on stage it means that he has already been paid 25000 USD(2.5 million Ksh). But  I am here for my G my guy (Master KG)" Harmonize said

Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. I mean manz has worked so hard to get there. From his very humble beginning with a dream to be an artiste and then being rejected during his performance at Tusker Project Fame Tanzania. And then he joined WCB, the place where so many want to be at and he grew his career there.

Harmonize became famous then he decided to go and be an independent artiste and start his own label, Konde Gang. He was then hit with a lot of problems and demands from Diamond Platnumz, a man he called brother. But he managed to manoeuvrer it all. I mean with all these struggles, manz deserves all the money he is asking for.

So those trolling him are the ones losing. Those dissing him because of how he speaks English are also the ones losing. Harmonize is making good money.

Also, can we have Master KG come to Kenya please, we need to Jerusalema live and direct?