If you thought the break up between FBI Dancer  Ezra and his girlfriend  Mwanisha ‘Isha’ Rafii only affected you as a fan, you're wrong.

Okay of course it has not been easy for the two, but it also hasn't been okay for Ezra's mother.

He revealed that his mum really loved his ex-girlfriend and that their very public breakup will also break his mum’s heart.

Ezra said that the mum has not seen the scandalous screenshots that have been making rounds on social media,


“My mother is old school manze, she did not see the screenshots. Even if she is told about all this she will deny saying that is not her son. She has always said she never wants to listen or pay attention to what is on the internet."

Speaking on his mother's relationship with his ex, Isha, Ezra said his mother knew she was the one.

“She had met Mwanaisha and every time we would go home, we went together. She had approved she was the one for me. She did not know that she will expose her son that way. But now for a while, she has been seeing me home alone without her. My mum has an idea that we have broken up. It has been over a month since we broke up.”

Ezra FBI Dancer and ex, Isha Mwanaisha
Ezra FBI Dancer and ex, Isha Mwanaisha
Image: Instagram

So has Ezra reached out to Isha after all the drama?

“We have never been in touch since the breakup and someone who can do this can poison your food or stab you at night.”

Their breakup is still a surprise to many because they were couple goals on social media. But as I always say, do not kill yourself over what you see on social media. There is always the other side of the story.