Can you believe it has already a year since Kate Actress gave birth to her daughter Karla? 

2020 has really decided to fly by, but we are not complaining at all. It needs to end.

Taking to social media, Kate was super excited to announce that her baby girl is finally one year old. She did not even wait for the next day, as soon as it hit midnight, she posted a cute picture of baby Karla.


"Happy First Birthday my toto ❤️KARLA, you have brought so much color to our world .We love you so much . May God protect you and favor you all the days of your life my love." Read her first post

She posted another one informing her fellow mothers that photoshoots are a task.

"We are ONE. My little girl is one 😭🙏... Thank you, lord. Also, they don't tell you photoshoots with babies are an extreme sport."

Her close friends who kept her pregnancy a secret until she decided to reveal the news, shared sweet birthday messages.

Read them below:

Jackie Matubia: Aaawww happy birthday Karla ❤️❤️❤️

Neomi Nganga: Our BABY Diva 🙌🙌🙌🙌 😂😂 happy birthday sweetheart 💕💕

Milly Chebet: Awwwww shhhooooo cute happy birthday baby K💛🧡❤


Loulu Hassan: Awwww happy birthday totoo😍😍😍😍..

Kambua: Happy birthday darling! You are so loved 💛💛💛

Nyaminde: A very lovely birthday to a very lovely girl!! A mother's pride and joy❤️❤️

Pieera: Aaaaaw congratulations hun and happy birthday to the LO

Wahu: Congratulations my darling! Major landmark!!!

Lucia: So pretty! Happy birthday to the little miss sunshine 😍🔥