I know I am not the only one who dreams of having a gifting relationship like that of Cardi B and Offset.

Yesterday, Offest celebrated his 29th birthday and Cardi B thanked him for helping make her life a little brighter every day. In a sweet Instagram video, Cardi played a song on her phone while taking a selfie clip as Offset comes up behind her and gently kisses her neck before getting a bit friskier.

"Happy birthday Hubs ❤️I wish you many more. I wish you more positivity, wisdom, health and for God to continue to keep you with a good heart. Thank you soo much for helping me these past months getting my business in line(somebody gotta be the mean 1) I❤️u .Let's turn it up tonight !!"

If that wasn't sweet enough, Cardi also bought him a gold Lamborghini too and he was so overwhelmed with emotion. He was pretty excited about it. 


Cardi then posted a video of herself twerking saying that is what she is going to give him for his birthday night.

Just a day before his birthday, he was forced to defend his woman after Snoop Dogg came at Cardi for her song WAP featuring Megan The Stallion. He said it was too explicit.

Also, remember Offset gifted Cardi a Rolls Royce on her birthday a few weeks ago just when they were working things out after their dramatic breakup.