Eric Omondi is living the life some if not all men want to live.

He has been searching for a wife (just like the show, 'The Bachelor') and he decided to document it all. This was after so many ladies auditioned and nine were picked to decided who will be his wife.

Shakila is among them and so is Band Beca. They lost their musical goal and decided to go for clout. But that is none of our business. We need the entertainment anyway.

On the morning Kiss with Kamene and Jalas, -yes Kamene is back- they Jalas is convinced Eric Omondi is having heaven on earth.


"We all want to enjoy the land of heaven and enjoy milk and honey. But God needs to reconsider the diet. Mungu choma kitu. Nyama choma like this. And he tells the angels to play music and forget the singing tuchape sherehe.

But Eric Omondi has decided to have his heaven here. In the history of this country. One man nine women. And there is no problem." Jalas told Kamene

In agreement with Jalas Kamene also said the comedian is doing the most. Jalas then added saying his hope is this exercise will actually get him a wife.

"I just hope at the end of it all, he marries one of them. Eric, please do not just enjoy and at the end say, I have not found one let us repeat. The Mombasa trip they had there on the yacht. Manz just kissing publicly. Weh"

From what social media in-laws are saying they are enjoying what he has to offer in terms of entertainment.