Anerlisa Muigai has been on a really long and fruitful journey of weight loss. She was once very obese and she did not like how she felt and so she worked towards getting the body she wants.

She decided to embark on a weight loss journey that has seen her lose over 60kgs in less than 6years. Currently, she is at 62kgs and that has made people question the genuineness of her weight loss journey.

The obvious assumption is that she has gone under the knife to reduce excess fat. Liposuction as we would call it.

Anerlisa has a weight loss program and she has been showing us her gym sessions. That is what she credits her weight loss to. One curious fan thought it wise to challenge Anerlisa to deny or accept if the weight loss is because of surgery.


"I feel bad when honestly you lie to people that this is gym and food just tell people the truth instead of making us pay for an app that has fake results. It’s absolutely sad. If it’s liposuction you did tell us so that we can look for money and not fool us it’s not fair to even before God."

To which Anerlisa responded by saying;

"I don’t even like to respond to this but I'll do it today. Like I said yesterday, DO YOU. If you feel like you want to go for surgery, DO YOU. You don’t have to wait for an answer from me so you can start saving up? DO YOU! If my post annoys you, you can do yourself a favor by unfollowing me. My App does not force anyone to buy it. Those who have it know that you get real results."

Adding that,

"Only difficult part is you've got to be consistent which most people can’t and that's why they actually do it. Before I forget, I am on my 6th  year since I began my journey. WHEN DO YOU PLAN TO START YOURS AGAIN?"

Do what makes you happy, sip some water and mind your own business.