Khali and amily
Khali and amily

Khaligraph Jones might seem like that rough guy but at home, he is the sweetest husband to Georgina Muteti and an amazing dad to his two children, Baby Lu, short form for Lwanda, and Amali.

The award-winning rapper kept his relationship with Georgina a secret until when she was heavily pregnant with their first child.

Since Khali can't have a QnA segment coz people fear him, his wife had one and she had a lot to reveal, From how they met to the kind of man he is.

One fan went on to ask whether Georgina argues with hubby; and if yes, how does he handle it.


The fan wrote;

"Do you argue with OG?"

The two are human so just like any other couple, they too argue and have disagreements which are all normal. However, according to Georgina her man rarely picks fights with her.

"Mnataka kuona our arguments kwani? We have our misunderstanding sometimes but rarely." She answered

The two love birds met during a show back in 2017. 

I know you're asking wasn't he with Cashy then? Yes, they were together but according to the way their relationship ended, seems like it had been rocky for a while until the elastic limit.