The past few days Willy Paul has been ranting exposing his management for removing one of the songs off his 'Songs of Solomon' album.

He said that his management removed the song 'Aaaih' which he features Rekless, reason being 'Gengetone artists don't make sense in their songs.'

"The same gengetone artists wenye wanakataa niimbe nao ndio walifanya kenya ikasahau west african songs na watu wakaanza kufocus na mziki yetu.. this is unacceptable sio poa!!!

Yes I have a contract with my team but wakikosea lazima waambiwe and looking down on people isn't right!!! So mimi sai Niko ready ku take hio risk... they've threatened to sue me if I go ahead and add the song to the album.. " Wrote Pozze.

He would go on to post videos insulting his management team and threaten to release the said song daring them to do whatever they want.

True to his words, Pozze released the song and the video on Friday morning .

Prior to it's release Pozze wrote;

In 40mins we are going live!! F*****k the management manze!! Yaani hapa niko ku support fresh talents!! The song #AAAIH ft @rekles.k is going live on YouTube in 40mins.. its also been added to the album.. by my permission ... ule akona issue aseme!!! Nonsense!!!

Check out the jam and tell us whether it is a hit or a miss.