Ida Alisha moved many to tears after revealing that she grew up in an abusive family.

She always gives us so much life on her social page with laughter as she shares her life in the US but there is more to her.

Speaking to musician Letoya Luckett during an Instagram Live, Ida revealed she grew up in an abusive home.


"My dad and mum broke up when I was really young. My dad was super abusive so we left. Later on, he started coming back into our lives and he was very remorseful and just wanted to see us grow. And when he did that we found out that he had AIDS and soon after he died. I don’t know if its a blessing he didn’t get back with my mum because at that point she would have gotten aids too."

Ida was just 15 when this happened and this made her questioned God why he took him away before they could talk about why he was abusive towards their mother.

Ida then got married but sadly it was hell.

"I waited till marriage and married this guy, we had a big church wedding. It was a blessing but…I married the guy who ended up being the same person my dad was. He beat me and I woke up in hospital… not once or two times…and I was like what is God doing?" She shared

Adding that,

"I left the country because of all that crazy stuff obviously that was a divorce. I felt worthless"