Now that we've had more than 24hrs to mourn and accept that Sauti Sol was forced to cancel the much anticipated 'Sol Saturday' concert, we can now listen to their side of the story.

Of course, this news did not make Sauti Sol fans happy. So many people wanted to sing along to their new album live and direct. If you have been to a Sauti Sol event, you know those guys hold it down 100.

They made the announcement and people went hard at them with so many hateful comments. But truth be told, they could not let the event go on, because things were not complying with covid-19 precautionary measures.

After their announcement, Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers went ahead to break it down. Over 3000 tickets were sold and with the space provided, it would be nothing short of a health hazard.


"Doing the right this is HARD but has to done. Just for clarity, we were NOT the organizers of this show. We were all just as excited as you were to finally perform to the public for the first time this year. But then as soon as we got to the venue yesterday for soundcheck(that’s when setup was ready) we knew it would not work as we had envisioned it. We tried our best to mitigate the situation, offering solutions and trying our best to make it work and give you an amazing experience that you all so much deserve, but we couldn’t come to an agreement with the organizers. We are not the kind to be ok with mediocrity for our own local artists yet when an artist comes from outside it’s a different story. That needs to end. We can do better. That aside, we only found out yesterday that 3000 tickets were sold. That space was not conducive given the current pandemic to safely hold 3000 people. We wouldn’t have irresponsibly allowed having this massive crowd without proper Covid protocols. Hence our decision. Nothing but love to you all." Fancy Fingers shared

Muthoni The Drummer Queen who has been against physical live events was proud of them for the tough decision they made.

"Very good decision. Thank you for not messing about. And don't second guess yourselves. This is the right decision @itsmefancyfingers." She encouraged them

So guys. let us not be mad, it is all for a good cause.