We have read and heard a lot about Victoria Rubadiri's life from when she was a little young girl.

She got pregnant when she was a teenager and gave birth to a girl. When she found out she was pregnant, she knew she had disappointed her family. A family that strictly upholds Christianity and the laws that govern the religion.

But Victoria's family accepted their grandchild and did not disown their daughter.

Taking to social media, Vicky shared information about her mother saying that she may be her biggest critic but equally her biggest fan.


"Mama Vicky. My biggest fan and biggest critic. She gives it to you straight and it burns going down but boy are her words effective. I never really took after her in that sense, though I wish I did. She’s always had a big vision and the ability to mobilize like nobody’s business. She jokes that in another life she would have been a politician. Man, I love this woman and wish to be half of what she is when I get to the sixth floor. They say give them flowers while they can still smell them.💐💐🌹🌼🌺🌼 So thank you mom for epitomising resilience, walking with conviction and being a pillar of faith. I’ll never stop being the bright-eyed little girl watching in awe." She posted

Meet Victoria's mum, Kwame Rubadiri: