Jacque Maribe is one of those who have lived with the saying, 'you live you learn'.

When she was going through the worst in her life after being named a suspect in the murder of Monicah Kimani alongside her then fiancé Jospeh Jowie Irungu, her 'friends' left her.

This was the point in her life when she needed emotional and physical support from friends and family. Those who were truly her friends stuck by her when it got from bad to worst. Things now are getting better.

Jacque Maribe ex girl sqaud
Jacque Maribe ex girl sqaud
Image: Instagram
Both Jacque and Jowie are free and the case is still yet to be heard to determine who killed businesswoman Monicah Kimani.


As she celebrated her birthday, she posted a gratitude message to those who have held her down and her 'girl squad', Terryanne Chebet, Shiks Kapienga, Kirigo Ngarua and Monicah Kiragu were all snubbed.

Yet they were all there even when she was getting engaged.

"This photo always reminds me of a time I was helplessly happy. And that is how I spent my birthday, happy. I have amazing people in my life that I will never take for granted. I love you helplessly, all of you I shared it with. @chemutaigoin I can't begin to describe the love and gratitude I have for you. You are the best friend anyone could wish for. I love you. @frankkiganane you are my heart, my treasure, everything! @kimantose2.0 so far yet you still manage to make me smile. @jcokindo I can't even start with how grateful I am and your gift just made me cry. @bmnjule and @joeonsongo you are the friends heaven sent my way. My crew @officialelphaslagat @benkirui_ @oti you are amazing people. @eki my summer bunny, I don't know how to thank you. Richie and @jshegu too. My family my neighbors my home manager. The @alfajirigrill establishment you always got me. @stylistcollins you made me look amazing. To everyone who called sent messages thank you so much. You are the people that made my day more so my night bright, I will treasure you always." Jacque posted

Most of the girls were her colleagues back at Royal Media and one lesson she has learned is the famous saying that your colleagues are not necessarily your friends.