Shilah from Kitale one of the contestants from Eric Omondi's 'Wife material' show has quashed rumors that the comedian slept with the 9 girls.

On the show, Eric Omondi would touch and even make out with some of the contestants, hence the rumor that he might have slept with the 9 contestants.

Posting a video, an agitated Shila defended Eric saying that he was respectful to all the ladies and he actually never slept with any of them.

"Shilah from Kitale, hizo rumors eti tulidoze na Eric, no no no! Hakuna dem ali doze na Eric, alitu respect he was a good boss na mimi nilienjoy going to those places, Mombasa and Nanyuki. It was the best experience ever courtesy of wife material." Shilah said.

She added that she was not seriously looking to marry Eric and that she was there to have fun since she is in the entertainment industry.

She believes that she is beautiful enough and will land a hubby someday but wouldn't go on live TV to look for a man.

Mimi ni dame nina dignity zangu and nilienda hiyo show ku have fun not that I was looking nilikuwa natafuta a serious husband, who goes on TV to look for a husband?

Mimi ni dem mrembo nitapata mwanaume huku nje na maybe niko na yeye. Mimi nilikuwa nawafurahisha so kama uko kwa entertainment industry najua utaelewa." Added Shila.

Check out the video below courtesy of Nairobi gossip club;